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In honour of the concept of BOTWOO (Building on the work of others)  we are happy to offer you these free resources.

You are what you share.

From time to time we will refresh and update this page.

Freeby One: eBook of curated elearning design resources

This resource is available for download from our Portfolio page


Freeby Two: Transfer of Learning Impact Analysis tools

Have you ever wondered just how much of an impact your training package is likely to make? How likely is it that new knowledge and skills will actually be transferred? This impact analysis tool is based on a literature review of 32 research studies.

Learning Transfer Model


The research, conducted  in 2009 by performance improvement specialists Wilson Learning Worldwide Incorporated, concludes that there are 11 specific actions  that have a significant effect on training results. These actions can be divided into three categories: learning transfer design, learner readiness and organisational alignment. If delivered effectively, these combined actions could potentially improve the effectiveness of any particular learning event by over 180%.  

Measure transfer of learning spreadsheet

We’ve used this research to create a spreadsheet (which you are welcome to embed in your own websites) that allows you to make a quick, evidence based  prediction about how likely a training programme is to succeed.  This is very useful for consultants who face clients that expect a specific piece of training to solve all their issues. It clearly indicates the value that learner readiness (which includes managerial support) and organisational alignment has to play. Best of all, it actually indicates a numerical value. You’ll notice that there are a few values already indicated by way of example in the spreadsheet. Simply remove these and enter whatever is appropriate for you. Use Spreadsheet 2. The original spreadsheet has radar charts which are good for visual impact. Use the orange Contact Us button on the left of your screen if you’d like us to send you an original version.

 Transfer of Learning Score card

To help you decide which values to select from the spreadsheet, refer to the score card. It’s based on a Lickert Scale. A choice of “Strongly  Disagree” on the card would have a numerical value of zero on the spreadsheet, “Somewhat Disagree” would have a value of 0.25% and so on. To indicate the values in the spreadsheet, simply click on a cell under the appropriate columns (in this case, either “Non Existent” if you have selected “Strongly Disagree” or “Poor” if you have selected “Somewhat disagree”). The results show up in radar charts which can easily be inserted into presentations for clients.

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