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Examples of our work

These examples are targetted to a general market. If you let us know what you’re looking for, we can find a suitable example or knock up a prototype to show you what we can do.

1.  Workplace training package: interactive, branching scenario 

You’re leading a virtual team for the very first time. Are you satisfied that all your team members know what they should be doing and are working effectively? Do you know how to provide support? How much support is too much?

This is the challenge behind Virtual Team Virtuoso. Set in the year 2019, a virtual team needs to provide vital services to an earthquake ravaged city. Learners are presented with a comprehensive simulation package. Assisted by a virtual tutor and embedded multimedia resources, they learn by making choices and observing the outcome.

Turn on your speakers and give it a go – some of the solutions will surprise you. (Please click on Cloud SWF, Flash Player to view)

Virtual Team Stage One

Virtual Team Stage Two

Virtual Team Stage Three


Virtual Team Virtuoso is ideal for providing self paced learning to new managers of virtual team. We are also able to customise it for a blended learning environment, if that is your preference. The full 90 minute package can be purchased at www.opensesame.com 


This leadership training package needs to be viewed  on your desktop or laptop.  Some customisation will be required to make it accessible on a a mobile device.


$20USD per part or $50USD per bundle

 2. Educational e-book for children 

The book is aimed at children and young people (nine to twelve years in age) who need to learn about dog safety.  Jingle learns to mingle achieves this through a combination of story-telling, photo and video illustrations, quick tips and quizzes.The product is ideal for use in the classroom or for home education. The Christmas themed story makes it the perfect stocking filler. Available through itunes for only $4.99.

The video below is a demo only. It shows examples of various interactive elements in the book such as a quiz, worksheet, video, hot spot and timeline. Follow the link to view this book in iTunes.


This e-book can be viewed at your desk or on a mobile device. Internet access is needed to view all elements.


$4.99 USD

3. Curation of e-learning design MOOC resources 

This book contains a collection of some of the resources that were presented and created during the  Learning Design for a 21st Century Curriculum MOOC which ran from the 13nth January to the 10nth March 2013. The MOOC was hosted by Open Learning Design Studio   who kindly gave us permission to collate and present the publically available Creative Commons resources in this e-book format. We now offer them to you free of charge, to use for educational purposes.

The amount of shared resources and participation in MOOCS can make it confusing at time.  The purpose of this e-book is to collate all those very useful resources into one easily searchable package. You can view the resources without having to read through all the posts and additional explanatory instructions that were provided during the MOOC. Because this information has already been filtered and curated by experts, it should save you plenty of time.

Click on the image below to view this book in iTunes.

21centry learning coverpage



This e-book can be viewed at your desk or on a mobile device. Internet access is needed to view all elements.



4.Language lab content: self paced learning

This is a volunteer project developed in collaboration with Wellington Victoria University’s Chinese Language Laboratory. It is still a work in progress and is not available for purchase.

Victoria University ‘Learning Chinese’ Project is a  scenario based written and audiotary language exercise for students of Victoria University’s Chinese Language Laboratory. Unlike the Virtual Teams Virtuoso example the structure is flat with only one correct response possible for each situation. Learners are presented with a series of challenges for which they need to find the correct response.

Level: Basic


This package can be viewed at your desk or on a mobile device.


Not applicable

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